Amadeo construction update: finitions part 1

14 June 2009 - Comments (0) Construction

Amadeo construction update: finitions part 1 Lot of work has been done in Amadeo in the past month. Painting is done. Tiling has been completed in the bathrooms, stairs, balconies and terraces. Entrance doors of the building and the apartments have been installed together with the interior doors. Balcony fences and french balconies installation started. Underground parking's final screed has been done on one side. Not everything went as fast as planned but it's all coming nicely together now.

Bathroom tiles

Bathroom tiles - 1

Bathroom tiles - 2

Bathroom tiles.

Stairs : walls and tiles

Tiles in the stairs - 1

Tiles in the stairs - 2

Tiles in the stairs.

Interior and entrance doors

Interior doors

Apartment entrance door

Apartment entrance door

Interior doors and apartement entrance door.

Building entrance door

Building entrance door

Building entrance door.

Balconies fence and french balconies

Balcony fence being installed

Balcony fence once installed

Balcony fence during and after installation.

French balcony from inside

French balcony from outside

French balconies on small windows

French balcony from inside and outside.

Parking final screed

Making of the parking screed

Parking screed once finished

Parking screed in the making and finished.

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