Installation of the iron reinforcement on the right part of Amadeo (1st layer)

09 June 2008 - Comments (1) Construction

Installation of the iron reinforcement on the right part of Amadeo (1st layer) The armed concrete base of Amadeo is going to be made of a 30cm thick slab. The installation of the iron reinforcement is a long, tedious job, which creates an impressive grid made of strong iron bars. The reinforcement goes in two layers, spaced with iron distancers. We report on the first layer.

Protection of the waterproofing layer

Before to install the iron reinforcement for the armed concrete base of Amadeo, we placed a thin concrete slab on top of the waterproofing layer to protect it. During the installation of the iron reinforcement, there is always a risk of damage on the membrane and placing a thin slab is the best way to prevent that type of accident.

Amadeo base reinforcement 01

Amadeo base reinforcement 02

Installing the iron reinforcement

Amadeo's base is going to be 30cm thick. There is a lot of iron to position before to pour concrete. Iron bars are positionned on the slab using Betomax plastic spacers. There will be 2 layers of iron to form the base and we are planning 3 days of work just for positioning all the iron.

Amadeo base reinforcement 03

Each iron bar has to be carefully fastened to the bars belows. The bottom part is the more laborious because it is where there is the most reinforcement.

Amadeo base reinforcement 04

Amadeo base reinforcement 05

Amadeo base reinforcement 06

Amadeo base reinforcement 07

Amadeo base reinforcement 08

Approaching the end of the first layer

On the second day, the first layer of iron reinforcement was getting closer to the end.

Amadeo base reinforcement 09

Amadeo base reinforcement 10

End of the first layer and begining of the second layer

By the end of the day, the first layer was done and the second layer was started.

Amadeo base reinforcement 11

Amadeo base reinforcement 12

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Really: I think it is one of the cleanest and most clever building/working site I've ever been and seen in my professional life. True greetings to the responsible. Stefano