Making the final sand and cement floor screed

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Making the final sand and cement floor screed The installation of the underfloor heating and cooling system is finishing and the final screed has been done in all apartments. This is the screed that covers the underfloor pipes and provide the finished surface ready for tilling. The job is done using an impressive mixing pump that brings the mix of water, sand and cement on the apartements floor where it is spread perfectly flat.

Massive mixing pump

The mixing pump takes sand, cement and water to make the right mix and project it under great pressure into the flexible pipe that is moved into the various rooms of apartments.

Mixing Pump - 1

Mixing Pump - 2

Mixing Pump - 3

The mixing pump making the right mix of sand, cement and water.

Mix dispenser

The mix of sand and cement is pumped into a dispenser device that projects it vertically.

Mix dispenser - 1

Mix dispenser - 2

Mix dispenser - 3

The mix dispenser in one apartment.

The mix is half dry and stays compact.

Mix of sand and cement

Mix of sand and cement.

Levelling the screed

In each room, the level of the finished floor is measured and prepared. Small heaps are made in different spots of the room to give the right level.

Preparation for levelling - 1

Preparation for levelling - 2

Preparation for levelling.

Based on those prepared heaps, the rest of the screed if levelled.

Levelling the screed

Levelling the screed.


Once the fresh screed is levelled, a rotating smoothing blade is passed all over to make the screed perfect.

Rotating blade for smoothing

Rotating blade for smoothing.

Walking on fresh screed

Professionalism goes into the footwear too!

Smoothing the fresh screed

Smoothing the fresh screed.

Between each room, an expansion join is left in the screed to prevent possible cracking.

Expansion join between rooms

Expansion join between rooms.

Finished floor

The finished screed is perfect!

finished screed - 1

finished screed - 2

finished screed - 3

Finished screed.

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