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Beodom uses SunGuard Climaguard Solar low emissivity glazing, argon fill with an exceptional U Value of 1.1 W/m²K. Guardian is one of the world's largest manufacturers of float glass and fabricated glass products and the SunGuard brand is dedicated to high-performance solar control glass for architectural projects.

SunGuard Climaguard Solar provides:

  • comfort and saving energy in summer and winter
  • optimal solar protection
  • excellent thermal insulation
  • neutral look

ClimaGuard Solar termo paket

ClimaGuard Solar low-e glazing compared to standard double-glazing (source Guardian SunGuard).

ClimaGuard Solar is produced using an exclusive technique of soft coating (in contrast with the traditional hard coating technique) called sputter coating (Magnetron Sputter Vacuum Deposition - MSVD). It is applied in multiple layers at the molecular level. This process provides the highest level of performance and a nearly invisible coating.

Outboard SubstrateExtraClear
Inboard SubstrateExtraClear
Exterior AppearanceNeutral
Solar Energy
Direct Transmission %40
Direct Reflection %43
Absorbtion %17
Solar Factor EN 410 %42
Solar Factor DIN 67 507 %40
Shade Coeff. g EN /0,87 %0.46
Visible Light
Transmission %66
Reflection Outside %26
Reflection Inside %24
Color Rendering Index %96
Thermal Insulation
U Value (EN 673) Air W/(m2K)1.3
U Value (EN 673) Argon W/(m2K)1.1

ClimaGuard Solar characteristics and performances (source Guardian SunGuard).

Combined with argon fill, SunGuard Climaguard Solar provides amongst the highest performances found on low-e double-glazings. By selectively filtering wavelengths, it keep heat inside in winter and heat outside in summer.

ClimaGuard Solar Characteristics

ClimaGuard Solar characteristics and performances (source Guardian SunGuard).

ClimaGuard Solar imported and sold in Serbia is produced in Hungary by Guardian. Guardian invested 30 million Euro in 2006 to create a new hungarian plant using its advanced magnetron coater.

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