Making of Amadeo's first armed concrete slab

20 June 2008 - Comments (0) Construction

Making of Amadeo's first armed concrete slab Being done with the reinforcement, we cast the slab and installed the grouding electrodes. Everything was then ready to pour concrete. We ordered concrete from MARMIL inženjering very well known for their quality. This first slab is around 54 cubic meters which is about 6 mixer trucks.

Casting the slab

The slab was cast with wood in the morning. In the middle of the slab, we left a channel where Hauraton drainage elements will be installed. The concrete pump was already arrived.

Casting Amadeo's first slab - 01

Casting Amadeo's first slab - 02

Installing the grounding electrodes

Like in any building, reinforced steel strips are installed in the concrete footings to provide grounding for power, static and lightning. These act like a giant grounding electrode for charge dissipation. It will be connected later to the lightning protection system and the electric installation.

Installing the grounding electrodes - 01

Installing the grounding electrodes - 02

Pouring concrete

Everything was ready to start pouring concrete. Several mixer trucks alternate to provide constant supply of concrete. Concrete is poured from the mixer truck into the pump and the pump delivers it on the slab through a long hose. A worker directs the hose while others equalize the level of concrete.

Pouring concrete - 01

Pouring concrete - 02

Pouring concrete - 03

Pouring concrete - 04

Pouring concrete - 05

One person controls the pump remotely and supervises the flow of concrete. Working with the pump goes pretty fast.

Pouring concrete - 06

Pouring concrete - 07

Pouring concrete - 08

Finishing the slab

Toward the end of the day, the slab was getting finished.

Pouring concrete - 09

Pouring concrete - 10

Pouring concrete - 11

Well done!

Beers and barbecue for everybody!
We will now let it dry. Tomorrow, work will continue on walls. On sunday, we will start drilling the boreholes for the geothermal system on the other part of the land.

First slab finished

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