SEEBBE 2008/2: windows, ventilation and insect screens

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SEEBBE 2008/2: windows, ventilation and insect screens In this part of the report from the 34th Belgrade International Building Trade Fair, we focus on doors, windows and ventilation. We visited Alphacan, the maker of the PVC profiles we use, Toplica Drvo, the producer of windows and doors we use and Duco for the ventilation solution. We also look at insect screens.

Alphacan, PVC profiles and shutters

Alphacan is the maker of the PVC profiles and shutters we use for Amadeo. The products sold in Serbia are imported from Italy where they are produced. Alphacan itself is a subsidiary of Arkema a large French based international group. Alphacan has 11 production sites across Europe (France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands).

The stand of Alphacan for the fair had been fully designed in Italy and it was easy to reconize the stylish Italian touch. It was really a beautiful realization, to the point it was possible to loose track of what they were actually selling which is PVC profiles.

Alphacan stand

Alphacan stand-2

Alphacan stand

Starting this year, they propose a new line of profiles System Alpha 80 (6-chambers) and System Alpha 70 (5-chambers). Both are guaranted for 10 years. They also propose a line of rolling shutters that integrates on top of the window frame (System Mediterraneo). They do have one (the one we will use) that integrates thermal insulation.

Putting thermal insulation in the shutter box is indeed a no brainer. But the fact is, that most of what is sold in Serbia, does not have any thermal insulation. And Alphacan actually proposes a version of the shutter without thermal insulation to provide what the Serbian market is asking: the cheapest product that can maximize investors profits at the expense of the quality (and at the expense of the final users). This single example is a testimony of what is wrong in the Serbian construction market.

Alphacan rolling shutters

Alphacan rolling shutters: with or without thermal insulation. Which one would you choose?

Alphacan was presenting their line of shutters and blinds which reproduces wooden surfaces with near perfection. They are made of PVC with internal zinc-steel reinforcements. It can be an economical and aesthetically plesant alternative to full wood shutters.

Alphacan shutters

Alphacan shutters and blinds.

Toplica Drvo, doors and windows

Toplica Drvo is the maker of the windows we chose for Amadeo. Toplica Drvo excels in all work related to wood (doors and windows) but it also produces PVC windows using Alphacan profiles. Toplica Drvo is a serious company with a long time experience and reputation for the quality of their work. They actually export a lot of windows to Italy.

Toplica Drvo stand

Toplica Drvo stand

Of course, their best products where the ones exposed during the fair. We could see full wood, wood/aluminum (wood frame with external aluminum coating) and aluminum/wood (aluminum frame with internal wood coating) windows. Those are high-end products of stuning quality and aspect. The most interesting is probably the wood-aluminum window. It combines the advantage of the wood for the frame (warmth, thermal characteristics, aspect) with the strengh of the aluminum on the outside (durability, zero maintenance).

Toplica Drvo windows

Toplica Drvo windows. The last one on the right features a Duco ventilation system.

Toplica Drvo also presented their doors. Many combinations are available. Full wood, insulated aluminum, Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) or polyurethane (PU). Toplica Drvo provided the interior doors of the new Holiday Inn in New Belgrade.

Toplica Drvo doors

One more window and two of Toplica Drvo doors.

Duco, ventilation and sun control

Future, the Serbian company importing Duco products, was present this year with a large stand and lot of new products. We met with Živko Cvejin, the managing director of Future, and Filip Debou, Duco's export manager, who came from the headquarter in Belgium for the fair.

The marketing material and the presentation of the products on the stand were both excellent. Duco system is solving the problem of the entrance of fresh air in the living space. A problem that is too often overlook in new apartment in Serbia.

Duco-Future stand 1

Duco-Future stand 2

Duco-Future stand

Duco systems find a place on top of the glazing of a window. If planned in advance, the company making the windows (in our case Toplica Drvo) is dealing completely with the installation of the Duco system in the windows. Windows come with Duco ventilation already in place. It is really simple to do that and the extra cost is really small (totally marginal in the overall building cost). Yet, for the final user, the benefit is great.

Besides their standard line of ventilation, DUCO also offers more technically advanced systems such as the sound-absorbing ventilation that can be used when the surounding of the building is too noisy.

Duco ventilation

Duco ventilation systems.

For the first time in Serbia, DucoGrille and DucoSun where presented. DucoGrille is an architectural grille that provide continuous ventilation for demanding application in the industrial realm. Duco also have continuous louvre walls (Ducowall). Depending of the needed flow of air, different models of DucoGrille can be used.

Also the first time in Serbia, DucoSun provides a pratical and elegant solution for sun protection. This will find an application mainly in office or utility buildings but some models could be used in residential as well. DucoSun can be used on the windows and facade or as an overhang. Inclination and size can be choosen depending of the orientation and position of the part of the building to protect.

DucoGrille (Industrial demanding ventilation system) and DucoSun (sun control and protection)

DucoGrille (Industrial demanding ventilation system) and DucoSun (sun control and protection).

As a genuine recognition of their products, Duco won the “NEW VISION” prize of the fair for their natural ventilation system.

Insect screens

Besides selling Duco systems, Živko Cvejin has developed and patented a very smart insect screen that he is now selling under the brand “Future line”. It is a simple net, mounted on an aluminum frame, that exactly fit the window it protects. It can be put on or removed from the window in a matter of seconds. It is a very economical and pratical solution to protect the interior from those flying pest all too common in Belgrade.

Future also won the “SPECIAL RECOGNITION” award for this mosquito screen.

Future Line removable insect screens

Future Line removable insect screens

We also came across another excellent insect screen system, GS-Flynet, from a greek company called GS. It is a somewhat different system from the one above. It is an aluminum frame that is permanently installed in front of the windows, holding the insect screen. The screen can be either rolled down or slided in when needed. This is a more expensive solution that is also very practical. The screen can even be motorized.

GS moveable insect screens

GS moveable insect screens

Both of these insect screens solve a very important problem for enjoying summer months in Belgrade.

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