Rehau SOLECT thermal solar system for Amadeo!

27 August 2008 - Comments (0) Announcement

Rehau SOLECT thermal solar system for Amadeo! Following our strong commitment toward renewable energy, greater quality and energy saving, we decided to install solar collectors for the production of sanitary hot water in Amadeo. Amadeo will combine a geothermal heat pump for heating and a thermal solar system for hot water. This is the first time in Serbia that a residential building will provide that level of comfort and energy consumption.

Rehau SOLECT system

Rehau SOLECT system offers a complete solution including solar panels, regulation and water cylinders. For Amadeo, we will have 12 solar panels for a total surface on the roof of 30,6m². Those solar collectors will be connected to 2 water cylinders of 500 liters each, for a total of 1000 liters. In addition to the solar collectors, the water cylinders will also be connected to the geothermal heat pump to warm the water during winter.

Rehau SOLECT system

Rehau SOLECT system (source Rehau).

Amadeo is a very special project that prefigures what will be the norm in the forthcoming years. It brings together the best innovative solutions available today. Rehau Serbia and Kombo have been extremely helpful and supportive to make this possible. Rehau is providing us RAUGEO geothermal probes, RAUTHERM underfloor heating system, RAUTITAN flex plumbing pipe system and now SOLECT thermal solar system. Our partner Vaillant, provides us geoTHERM, the geothermal heat pump.

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