Italian Design touch for Kuće Beodom's Amadeo project

07 November 2007 - Comments (0) Announcement

Italian Design touch for Kuće Beodom's Amadeo project Kuće Beodom is working hard to ensure the high quality level of its apartments. For instance, we choose building materials carefully to provide the best compromise between durability, comfort and price. Quality also goes into the architectural design of the building, its general aspect and the way apartments are organized. To get the best of it, we have set up a collaboration between an Italian and a Serbian studio to work on Amadeo project.

Opportunities often come in the most unexpected ways. As we were about to start working on the architectural design of the Amadeo project, we have been fortunate to get in contact with “studiodosi” from Ravenna in Italy. “studiodosi” is an architect studio, founded in 1999 by Stefano Dosi, with a long experience in architectural design, industrial objects, transport infrastructures and urban design. “studiodosi” participated in several international design competitions such as "Designing the High Line" in New-York. In collaboration with the University of Bologna, “studiodosi” has worked on propositions for the urban redevelopment in Tuzla (BiH) and is interested in designing for Serbia.

“studiodosi” brings an invaluable experience and input to our projects. So we have setup a collaboration, together with our architects here, for the design and planning of Amadeo. We will get the best of the Italian design and the local expertise. We will soon post the first draft designs of Amadeo which result of that collaboration.

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