Registration of the right of use on a land

29 January 2007 - Comments (0) Procedures

Registration of the right of use on a land You followed our advices and you bought a buildable land in Belgrade. You now need to register yourself as the legal user of that land. In this entry, we will try to explain the steps to follow to make that procedure as seemless as it can be. As usual, if you don't do the right things in the right order, the registration can get a bit more painful and time consuming than it should be.

Check the situation of your land

First you need to know if the land you bought is part of the new, unified, Real-Estate Cadastre system or not. There is, currently, a transition period under way. The old system kept information about the description of lands in the Land Cadastre and the owernship information in the Land Books (not always properly updated during the communist period). The new system is unifying those two into one place.

Therefore, you will need to submit your request for registration in one place, if the land is part of the new system, or in two if it is not.

The best is to go to the Real-Estate Cadastre run by the Republic Geodetic Authority (RGA) to check the situation of your land. Where you go depends of the location of your land. The actual registration is handled by either one of two offices which cover all Belgrade municipalities. The office located in the street 27 marta covers Palilula, Savski Venac, Stari Grad, Vracar, Cukarica, Rakovica, Zvezdara i Vozdovac. The office in Zemun covers Zemun and New Belgarde.

Submit your request for registration

As you are in the right office of the Real-Estate Cadastre, if they tell you that the municipality where your land is located is part of the unified system, you only need to submit your request there.

If, on the contrary, the municipality where the land is located is not part of the unified system, you will need to submit one request in the Real-Estate Cadastre where you are and another request to the Second Municipality Court where all the Land Books are held.

If you do not submit documents for the registration in both places, it can happen that you get registered as the legal user of the land in one place but not in the other one. This situation will most likely be discovered on the late when you decide to build an object on your land. In order to form a plot you absolutely need to be registered as a legal user in both places. Overlooking this could cause unwanted delay.

Documents needed for the request

To submit your request, you need the land's sale agreement and the ownership paper from the previous user. The sale agreement must be notarized in a court and stamped in the municipality’s tax office after you pay the tax for the transfer of absolutes rights.

Looking forward

The authorities in Serbia are doing a real effort to support the development of the real estate market through the creation of the unified real estate cadastre we mentioned above. This project, supported by the World Bank, is moving along. But the task is not an easy one. It will take time before everything is normalized.

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