How do you get VAT refunded when buying new real-estate?

30 August 2007 - Comments (0) Procedures

How do you get VAT refunded when buying new real-estate? Based on the new law, first-time buyers of a new construction can get the VAT refunded (partially or totally). We give here the practical details you need to know to obtain that refund. Note that first time buyers of Kuće Beodom apartements are elligible to the refund.

Documents needed for the buyer

To request the VAT refund, you start out by filling a document call RFN (in Serbian Obrazac RFN). Together with this document you need to provide the following documents:

  • a birth certificate
  • a proof of citizenship
  • a proof of your current residence
  • a certified copy of the sale agreement
  • the bill or any other document from the owner/investor your are buying from, stating the price and the amount of VAT that was paid
  • a proof that the price including the VAT was indeed paid in totality
  • a certified declaration of the buyer (you) that this place you are buying is indeed the first one (in Serbian: Obrazac IKPS PDV)

Documents needed for extra members of the family

If you ask the refund for other members of your family, you need to provide for each member:

  • a proof of relationship to the buyer
  • a proof of residence (that residence must be the same as one of the buyer itself)


You need to submit your request, with all the necessary documents, to the tax office where the company you are buying the real-estate from is located. For example, if you were to buy one of Kuće Beodom houses you would submit the request in the Zvezdara's tax office.

Duration of the procedure

The tax office will examine the request and issue the decision in a space of 30 days. 15 days after the decision the refund should be issued. The refund can be given by check or by transfer on your bank account.

The complete text of the new law on changes and additions to the Law on Value Added Tax can be found on the Parliament web site.

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