How to get a building permit? - Phase 2 - Location Permit

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How to get a building permit? - Phase 2 - Location Permit The location permit is the first step in the procedure put in place by the New Law on planning and construction for the construction of a legal object. It is obtained based on a preliminary architectural design of the building project. It provides all conditions and data needed for the making of the technical documentation in conformity with valid planning documents.

The request for the location permit

The request for the location permit is submitted to the municipality where the object is located for object up to 800m² of gross surface. For bigger objects, the request is submitted to the Secretariat for Urban Planning and Construction.

The request for the location permit should include:

  • The copy of the plan of the cadastral parcel on which the object will be built or an urbanism project that has been approved by the Secretariat for Urban Planning and Construction. Basically a buildable plot has to be formed in order to issue the location permit. Either it can be formed based on the cadastral parcel or not. If not, an urbanism project has to be done. Making sure that a buildable plot can be formed has to be done before the request of the location permit as we explain in our first article.
  • An excerpt from the cadastre of underground installation for the plot. You can obtain this excerpt from the Republic Geodetic Authority (RGA). Although we did not include it in the preparation phase, it is a good idea to get it in advance. Note that if you have done an urbanism project, that excerpt may be included in it.
  • Proof of ownership rights on the buildable plot. We explained this part in our first article.
  • Preliminary design of the object (see below).

Preliminary design of the planned construction

The preliminary design is made of a textual part and a graphical part containing 4 parts. The textual part includes:

  • a technical description of the buildable plot, of the characteristics of the object, of its construction and of its foundations;
  • a description of the heating and cooling systems;
  • a description of the technical solution for the protection of the neighboring objects during the making of the foundation of the object;
  • a description of the purpose and type of the object.

The graphical part has 4 parts that include:

  • a situation plan with the position and the dimensions of the plot, the position of the object on the plot, the position of the neighboring plots and the objects on them with street numbers;
  • characteristic views of the look of the object, facades, renderings;
  • sections of the object;
  • the base of the object, the different floors and the roof.

Obtaining the Location Permit

By law (article 54), the responsible agency should notify you within 8 days if the request for the location permit is incomplete. If the request is correct, the agency must issue the location permit within 15 days from the day of submission.

Once you obtain the location permit, you are ready to prepare the submission of the building permit that we detail in the next step.

Building with the Location Permit only

Because the New Law on planning and construction created a huge dead lock in construction projects in Serbia, it has been announced by Minister Oliver Dulić that, from Tuesday April 5, 2010, municipalities will start issuing location permits for all objects, including those bigger than 800m².

In addition, for objects bigger than 800m², investors will be able to start building only with the location permit, without having to wait for the building permit. They will have the time to obtain the building permit during the construction of the object and it will be requested to connect the object to the infrastructure.

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