Passive Stack Ventilation

Principle of the passive stack ventilation (source Ubbink).

Ventilation in Beodom apartments is implemented using a passive stack ventilation system. Fresh air enters from Duco inlet vents located on the windows of the living space (living room and bedrooms) while stale air is drawn up Schiedel ventilation channels located in the bathroom and in the kitchen.

This ventilation system is based on the natural air movement through the dwelling as a result of internal and external temperature differences and wind induced pressure differences. It is silent, economical and very simple.

Fresh air supply using Duco inlet vents

The supply of fresh air is done using Duco natural ventilation systems. Duco is a Belgium company and a leader in Europe for this type of ventilation inlet. DucoPlus 60 is an aluminum glazed-in window inlet vent with soft line design outer profile and built-in ‘air deflector’ which directs the flow of incoming air upwards. The punched inside profile acts as an insect mesh. DucoPlus 60 can be integrated in any type of window frames such as aluminum, PVC or wooden.

DucoPlus 60, natural ventilation system - front

DucoPlus 60 integrates directly between the top part of the glazing and the window frame. It reduces the hight of the glazing by just 60mm.

DucoPlus 60 integrates a thermal break and the flow of air can be completely regulated by moving the inside air deflector. Once closed, it is completely wind and water proof.

DucoPlus 60, natural ventilation system - side

The opening of the inlet vent can be regulated and, if needed, closed completely. The thermal break ensure good thermal characteristics of the system.

DucoPlus 60 installed on Amadeo windows

DucoPlus 60 installed on Amadeo windows (photos Beodom).

Stale air extract using Schiedel ventilation elements

Stack of ventilation elements  

Starting a stack of ventilation elements next to a Schiedel chimney (photo Beodom).

Extraction of stale air is naturally done using Schiedel ventilation elements. These elements are blocks of different size holding one or more ventilation channels. They stack up together to create several channels going up to the roof. Each channel is reserved for the air extraction of one room in one apartment. This is the optimum solution where there is no chance to mix the air from different rooms or from different apartments. Other solutions exist with a common extraction channel, but the risks of bringing smell of cooking in the bathroom or in the neighbor kitchen are not negligible.

Installation of schiedel ventilation elements

Installation of schiedel ventilation elements (photo Beodom).

3 channels are used per apartment: one for the air extraction in the kitchen, one in the bathroom and one for the mechanical intermittent air extraction above the kitchen stove. Depending of the configuration of the apartments and the way they stack up together, more or less Schiedel ventilation element stacks will be needed.

Schiedel individual ventilation elements

Schiedel ventilation elements stack up together to form several ventilation channels. In a several storey building, for each ventilation stack, more ventilation channels are added each floor as needed. This ensure that each room in each apartment has its own private channel which does not mix with the others (source Schiedel).